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If you are interested, I have another site which covers my experiences as a pilot in

I would like to thank those of you who have supported the site over the years either through donations or submitting material to post. All have been great appreciated.

I have been watching videos posted by the Virtual Railfan. What I find interesting is the number of train powered by locos from two to four different railroad.

I have also seen some unique videos like the Spero rail grinder at night. Or how about a MW train locomotive power with two HiRail trucks couple to the rear.Submitting material & some legal stuffMajor Material ContributorsSome Thoughts

Because of the continuing changing leasing agreements, I have been placing freight cars in their former operators. As an example, Wells Fargo has taken over the leases on several different companies. As an example, all ACFX and SHPX marked cars are placed in the ACFX block. The Freight Cars (Misc & Private owner) page is very large containing many different owners.

This is NOT a commercial site. I do not sell nor purchase railroad related items.Copyright

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Further reproduction is prohibited! If you wish to purchase a copy of the photo for commercial purposes, contact the individual who has submitted the file. NOTE - some emails or addresses are available in the MAJOR CONTRIBUTOR section.

I receive image files from other people and I assume that they belong to the submitter. If I am notified that the image file is from another person, I will remove the file from my system.Comment

THOUGHTS - looking at some of the older photos being submitted, I wonder how many collections head to the landfill after the owner dies. It is important to capture these images and make them available as part the history of railroads. If you or your parents have some older railroad photos, consider getting them scanned.

SUBMISSIONS:If you plan on sending me submission material, please contact me prior to mailing. While the listed Post Office Box is still valid, it is NOT check daily. If I know that there is something headed to the box, I will check more frequently. However, it is best to contact me and I will provide another address to mail the material.Reporting Marks

I post the images with the original company when posting images. Over the years various car owners have change, especially with leasing companies.A Note to persons searching for Employee Records

I do not nor do most railroad historical societies have any ex-railroad personnel records in their archives. Those records are most likely lost. It is recommended that you contact theU.S. Railroad Retirement Board, which you can contact at 844 North Rush, Chicago, IL 60611 (312) 751-4500. They also have a Web page atThe U.S. Railroad Retirement Board.Search Engines

If you wonder why you dont see my site pop up in search engines, I made decision to stop this function.Will you share?

If you have slides or prints that you would like to share on this system, please contact me. I would like to add more images to make other areas more complete. I am looking for the older material for people who are modeling in that time frame. -- Thanks

If you come across a missing file, please let me know so I can correct the problem. -- THANKSAAR Car Codes

Note - the images on these pages is also available on the individual railroad pages in the system. All new images are double posted, in the New Material and in the RR Master listing. The new data list is kept here for no more than two months. Submitted corrections are normally only made in the master system.

Note - I try to work several days ahead so if you submit image files via email they may not show up the next day.

As noted above, I am always looking for new sources of OLDER material. Do you, your father or grandfather have a collections of railroad photos you wish to share?New Material - 23 Nov 2022New Material - 22 Nov 2022New Material - 21 Nov 2022New Material - 20 Nov 2022New Material - 19 Nov 2022New Material - 18 Nov 2022New Material - 17 Nov 2022New Material - 16 Nov 2022New Material - 13 - 15 Nov 2022New Material - 09 - 12 Nov 2022New Material - 08 Nov 2022New Material - 04 - 07 Nov 2022New Material - 03 Nov 2022New Material - 31 Oct - 02 Nov 2022New Material - 30 Oct 2022New Material - 29 Oct 2022New Material - 28 Oct 2022New Material - 26 - 27 Oct 2022New Material - 24 - 25 Oct 2022New Material - 22 - 23 Oct 2022New Material - 19 - 21 Oct 2022New Material - 18 Oct 2022New Material - 14 - 17 Oct 2022New Material - 13 Oct 2022New Material - 11 - 12 Oct 2022New Material - 10 Oct 2022New Material - 07 - 09 Oct 2022

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