Hudson Matter

American photographer and Instagram star who has gained fame thanks to posting his personal photographs to his Instagram page. In 2020, he began focusing on political content. He has also been known for his self-titled YouTube account where he has posted popular videos like BROTHER vs SISTER Strength Challenge. The video has received over 6 million views since it was posted in August 2019.

He first began posting to Instagram in March 2018.

He has 140,000 total followers on Instagram. His Instagram has featured multiple photos of his own political tweets and multiple photos of Dr. Martin Luther King.

His father is famous photographerJordan Matter. He has a sister namedSalish. He is often pictured with and collaborates with dancerRachel Quiner.

He is a fan of theMilwaukee BucksandGiannis Antetokounmpo.


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