National Superannuation Fund Ltd (nasfund)

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National Superannuation Fund Ltd (nasfund)

National Superannuation Fund Ltd (nasfund)

nasfund protects you when you are not working, and helps you to retire with more.

nasfund provides financial protection to its members and beneficiaries at retirement or when normal income flows are suddenly cut off.

National Superannuation Fund Ltd or nasfund is an accumulation fund and was the first Approved Superannuation Fund to be licensed by the Central Bank under the Superannuation (General Provisions) Act 2000 in 2002. nasfund is the successor entity of the National Provident Fund and was incorporated as a company under the Companies Act in May 2002.

Its membership are mainly workers from private sector companies, government owned corporations and statutory authorities. nasfunds primary purpose is to provide its members (or their beneficiaries) financial protection at retirement, loss of employment, death, disability to work or when the normal flow of income is suddenly cut off.

In order to provide members a comfortable retirement after active employment, nasfund invests its members funds across a variety of asset classes and aims to credit positive returns of a minimum CPI over a rolling 5 year period.

nasfund also strives to provide an efficient and effective superannuation service and has a number of innovative benefits and products available for members.

nasfund takes the hassle out of paying employees with convenient online services. Learn about our services.

Learn about making voluntary contributions as an employee and retire with more. Ask us how it works.

Walter Laia, Member Beneficiarie, nasfund

The convenience of online portals for members and employers.

Discounts in selected stores and service providers throughout PNG.

SMS text service for instant updates on where your account balance is at.

Crunch the numbers to see what you will earn using our Excel spreadsheet calculator.

Take advantage of nasfunds online Do It Yourself, Will Kit.